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Sasha Al Busaidy

Sasha Al Busaidy

Sasha is a knowledge broker at The Broker. She completed her bachelor's at University College Utrecht focusing on Economics, Psychology, and International Development. Following this, she obtained her research masters from Vrije Universiteit in Societal Resilience researching digitalisation and Social Symbolic Work. Sasha has lived and worked in Uganda on research projects focused on NGO-NGO and NGO-governmental collaboration. She is passionate about meaningful multi-stakeholder engagement and fostering holistic collaborations toward development outcomes.

Unraveling knowledge brokering partnerships with partners in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

The Broker, together with four Dutch Knowledge Platforms, finalized a project on knowledge brokering partnerships with Low- and Middle-Income Countries. This article offers insights into the process of the project and presents a downloadable two pager summarising the main insights. 

SDG Interactions: Building the capacity for knowledge valorisation

Given the importance of knowledge valorisation for junior researchers, our brokers, Dr. Agnieszka Kazimierczuk and Sasha Al Busaidy, conducted a training session on stakeholder mapping…

Dutch Development Cooperation: 2022 and beyond

‘What do knowledge brokers do? #5 – Making knowledge more than the sum of its parts

In 2022, Sasha joined our  team of knowledge brokers. She completed a bachelor’s at University College Utrecht focusing on Economics, Psychology, and International Development and…

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  • 1 June, 2023

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Towards transformative change: polycentric governance as a way to achieve the SDGs more inclusively

In February, Prof. Dr Art Dewulf and Dr Daniel Wiegant of Wageningen University (WUR) organised a three-day project meeting to kick off the four-year research project on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) governance and decision-making in East Africa

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