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Saskia Kloezeman

Saskia Kloezeman

Saskia is Managing Director at North South Consulting. After she finalized her BA in Primary Education (PABO) in 1998 she continued her MSc in change management in combination with teaching primary school. Besides this she loved teaching music, especially flute and developed a serious interest for international journeys. In 2004, after her graduation, she decided to move as a VSO volunteer to Ethiopia, where she would provide voluntary services until 2006 in the remote Ethiopian city Arbaminch. She then worked with an international NGO in 2007 and 2009 in development and emergency programs. In 2009 she established North South Consulting which she is operating and expanding until today, in order to bridge a gap of knowledge between different worlds. She is on the one side working in various business and educational advisory programs as well as on the training and capacity building of local entrepreneurs. She continues working in research assignments to improve the situation on job creation as well as community engagement for international companies. In 2017, together with her Ethiopian husband, she took over the touroperation Yared Tour & Travel Plc from its founders and continues to develop this company towards community based and ecotourism offers.

International minds, local hearts

Shifting perspective: this interview with social entrepreneur Saskia Kloezeman will shed light on the opportunities and challenges for diaspora entrepreneurs in their country of origin – in this case, Ethiopia.

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