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Claudio Schuftan

Claudio Schuftan

Claudio Schuftan, is currently based in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) where he works as a freelance consultant in public health and nutrition and is an active member of the Steering Group of the People’s Health Movement. He is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of International Health, Tulane School of Public Health (New Orleans, USA).

The emphasis on technical fixes is misleading

Northern donors are more and more working on technical fixes to solve problems of malnutrition mainly in close co-operation with the food industry. Though this will not solve the causes that lead to malnutrition.

Maximising social mobilisation

The gap in policy processes towards better food security and nutrition interventions is not related to a lack of knowledge, it is politics. Research institutions need to be more aware of empowering beneficiaries.

A new framework for action

Doing something about the numerous inequalities we face in this world, encompassing so many domains is on everybody’s lips these days. But what is the result? What place will the true addressing of inequalities bring us in the post 2015 era? Actually why do we have to wait till 2015? Does the compartmentalizing of development ‘eras’ make any sense? Here is some food for thought:

Another development gimmick in the making

According to Claudio Shuftan, the changes needed in the current economic climate are so drastic that mega philanthropies and their sponsors will never accept them.

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