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Souleymane Abdoulaye Adoum

Souleymane Abdoulaye Adoum

Souleymane Abdoulaye Adoum finished his PhD at Leiden University at the Institute of History. Originally from Chad, he joined the research programme ‘Connecting in Times of Duress’ in 2013. His subproject is entitled ‘Communication et violences dans le Guéra et le Moyen-Chari de 1940 à 2010’. Prior to his study in Leiden, he finished two Master programmes in Yaounde, Cameroon on the subjects of History of International Relations and Regional Integration and the Management of International Institutions.

Conflicts connected and disconnected: where do we place the problem of governance in Chad?

Through conflict resolution and peace maintenance by military engagement, Chad has helped its neighbors in sending troops to fight Islamist extremists in the Sahel. Chad’s approach of engagement in regional governance for peace stands in stark contrast to its approach to governance at home.

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