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Stephan Klasen

Stephan Klasen

Professor of Development Economics at the University of Göttingen, Germany. The professorship includes a senior chair in economics, with a focus on development economics, and the directorship of the Ibero-America Centre for Economic Research. Professor Klasen worked as a consultant for, among others, The Worldbank, German Minstry of Economics, The Copenhagen Consensus Project, OECD and UNESCO. He is speaker of the Courant Research Center ‘Poverty, equity, and growth in developing and transition countries.

No, we don’t need an MDG for inequality

Inequality is firmly back on the policy agenda in many parts of the world. Many believe it should have a prominent position on the post-2015 agenda. I disagree. Please let me explain why.

MDGs require relatively little change

The MDGs have been a powerful catalyst for action in the international arena to promote development (broadly conceived). Among the strong points are its multidimensionality, its focus on targets that can be monitored, and its strong political legitimacy through the Millennium Summit and the buy-in of the UN System and the multilateral and bilateral development organizations.

Get Europe’s own house in order first

The broker asked Stephan Klasen to reflect on the following three questions concerning Europe’s role in international development.

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