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Far too much knowledge that could help solve today’s challenges remains unused. At The Broker we are working to make sure that this knowledge becomes available to you and contributes to inclusive, sustainable and evidence-based policy making. As pioneering knowledge brokers since 2007, we have worked with a great variety of government bodies, NGOs, universities and think tanks to jointly connect, arrange and synthesize available knowledge. Our professional team has access to a vast network of experts and is here to make sure that relevant knowledge reaches the right people in the right form. At The Broker we have years of experience in making knowledge work for policy. During this time we have built an extensive international network of professionals working in and on international sustainable development that we can rely on. We make it our business to know whose expertise and experience can provide solutions for policymakers, civil society organizations, and the private sector. Our services are tailor-made and include arranging (online) consultations and expert meetings; developing knowledge platforms; conducting knowledge mapping; preparing synthesis reports and journalistic reporting; and facilitating research uptake. They range from short-term projects that are completed in a week to multi-annual programmes.

Politici, uw visie op ‘Global Netherlands’ is nodig

A call to Dutch politicians in the run-up to the Dutch 2021 elections: share your vision on ‘Global Netherlands’. A commentary that appeared in the Dutch newspaper AD (in Dutch).

Measuring inequality: different methods, different outcomes

There are several ways to measure inequality. Generally, three main methods can be distinguished:1 Within- or intra-country inequality, which addresses income inequalities within a country; Between-,…

More innovation and inspiration: Civil society partnerships for civic action

With Activism, artivism and beyond The Broker and The Spindle drew attention to a wide variety of innovative activities initiated by civil society to defend and expand civic space, government actors, the private sector and others, as essential to solving the global challenges we face today.

  • 8 February, 2018

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Getting to know our new captains

Since 1 January, The Broker has been sailing under a new captaincy. After saying goodbye to long-standing director Frans Bieckmann, Remmelt de Weerd and Saskia Hollander have taken the helm. It is high time to get to know the new board of directors a little better.

  • access_time 2 - 4 min

  • 10 January, 2018

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