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Far too much knowledge that could help solve today’s challenges remains unused. At The Broker we are working to make sure that this knowledge becomes available to you and contributes to inclusive, sustainable and evidence-based policy making. As pioneering knowledge brokers since 2007, we have worked with a great variety of government bodies, NGOs, universities and think tanks to jointly connect, arrange and synthesize available knowledge. Our professional team has access to a vast network of experts and is here to make sure that relevant knowledge reaches the right people in the right form. At The Broker we have years of experience in making knowledge work for policy. During this time we have built an extensive international network of professionals working in and on international sustainable development that we can rely on. We make it our business to know whose expertise and experience can provide solutions for policymakers, civil society organizations, and the private sector. Our services are tailor-made and include arranging (online) consultations and expert meetings; developing knowledge platforms; conducting knowledge mapping; preparing synthesis reports and journalistic reporting; and facilitating research uptake. They range from short-term projects that are completed in a week to multi-annual programmes.

Going global – Alternative political projects

Our increasingly interdependent world requires development policies that acknowledge the global context and address a new reality where a variety of actors as well as the state play a role.

Getting the basics right – General principles for a new development policy

The energetic online debate about the motives, definitions and perceptions of development is a starting point for reformulating development policies.

NCDO DEBAT: Dutch Aid under reconstruction – Views from developing countries

Author: Koen Kusters

On February 10th, NCDO (in collaboration with IS, VoiceOver 2015, the Worldconnectors, Wereldpodium, Lux/Global and lokaalmondiaal) organised a discussion on the WRR report in Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam. The primary aim of the meeting was to get a ‘Southern perspective’ on the main conclusions of the WRR report, and for this reason around 20 guests from ‘the South’ participated in the discussion. Special guests were: Manh Tuan Phan (a private Vietnamese entrepreneur), Reine Kathryn Rala (health worker from the Philippines), Kerryn Krige (working with HIV/Aids projects in South Africa), and Sarwar Gizabi (coordinator of a consortium of Afghan and Dutch aid organisations in Afghanistan). Special guests from the Netherlands were: Peter van Lieshout (WRR), Monique Kremer (WRR), Bram van Ojik (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Louk de la Rive Box (ISS), Arjan de Haan (ISS) and Ton Dietz (AISSR/UvA). Evelijne Bruning moderated the meeting.

Conclusion: Less pretension, more ambition

Development aid is a subject for discussion. In many ways the world has improved immensely over the past sixty years, however the question is increasingly being raised as to what aid’s contribution was to this development.

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