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Tom van der Lee

Tom van der Lee

Member of the Board of Directors of Oxfam Novib and responsible for Popular Campaigns, Campaignssupport, Communications, Marketing & Fundraising and several Lobby and Advocacy activities.

How excessive inequality bit the rich North

In one of the chapters in the book ‘Het crisisdiner’ (The Crisis Dinner, published in Dutch, February 2014), Oxfam Novib director Tom van der Lee writes about the impact of inequality in the United States and Europe on the current economic downturn. He argues that eradicating inequality is the only way towards a stable economic recovery and job creation. Here you can read a shorter version of this chapter.

Inequality: a political problem requiring a political solution

In the international post-2015 discussion, inequality remains a sensitive issue. However, it should be addressed as a political issue that requires strong political will to tackle it.

Food justice in a resource-constrained world

Oxfam Novib’s Tom van der Lee writes that development aid should not only support small-scale farmers, but should find links with climate change, land grabbing, biofuels policies, and price volatility.

Tom van der Lee: De rol van Civil Society Organisations in een mondiale strategie

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