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Vanessa Nigten

Vanessa Nigten

Vanessa Nigten is a dedicated result-oriented specialist in global sustainable inclusive development. In 2013 she became knowledge broker at The Broker and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform Office. She is experienced in building strategic international multilevel, multi-actor knowledge linkages to improve development policies and practices. Vanessa is well-versed in Dutch and international development policies. Before The Broker, she gained her theoretical and practical experience at the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), Partos (the umbrella organization for Dutch NGOs), the Dutch expertise and advisory centre for citizenship and international cooperation (NCDO), and the JongOS network for young professionals in development cooperation. Vanessa has a background in Sociology and Public Administration (University of Amsterdam), focusing on the Dutch Parliament, Burkina Faso and Citizenship.

The Broker in 2022: working on balance while moving forward for international development

In this article we look back at our achievements in 2022, and we look at 2023 with goal of finding new balance and to keep moving forward

  • access_time 5 - 9 min

  • 23 January, 2023

  • label_outline News

Aid & Trade in Rutte IV: room to embed lessons for mutual benefit

Aid and trade remain the policy focus of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In February this year the IOB (the Ministry’s evaluation service) published…


‘What knowledge brokers do’ #3: working together for healthy diets for all

The Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) supports transformative collective impact coalitions to achieve urgent changes for sustainable food systems in low- and middle-income countries. The coalitions…

Traditions and circularity against food shocks

A trip across Africa and South (East) Asia to see how researchers, farmers, businesses and policy-makers explore opportunities of giving their food systems a little shake.

  • access_time 2 - 4 min

  • 23 November, 2020

  • label_outline News

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