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Vanessa Nigten

Vanessa Nigten

Vanessa Nigten is a dedicated result-oriented specialist in global sustainable inclusive development. In 2013 she became knowledge broker at The Broker and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform Office. She is experienced in building strategic international multilevel, multi-actor knowledge linkages to improve development policies and practices. Vanessa is well-versed in Dutch and international development policies. Before The Broker, she gained her theoretical and practical experience at the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR), Partos (the umbrella organization for Dutch NGOs), the Dutch expertise and advisory centre for citizenship and international cooperation (NCDO), and the JongOS network for young professionals in development cooperation. Vanessa has a background in Sociology and Public Administration (University of Amsterdam), focusing on the Dutch Parliament, Burkina Faso and Citizenship.

Fragile employment – work trends in a global context

Over 200 million people worldwide are officially unemployed and looking for work. A much larger number of people, however, has a job, but one that is uncertain, unstable and precarious and does not help them out of poverty. Rising economic growth levels are not necessarily resulting in higher wages for them, or higher employment rates. Therefore, the challenge is not only to create enough jobs for the growing world population, but also to create better jobs with a decent wage.

Segmented laud of partnerships

If one message should be taken from the European Development Days it is that the world will not be able to tackle its many future economic, social and ecological challenges without sustainable development partnerships. Yet, the lack of constructive, inclusive dialogue during the conference itself demonstrates the challenges in creating such effective partnerships.

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