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Wieck Wildeboer

Wieck Wildeboer is former ambassador (Oman, Bolivia, Cuba) and development economist.

Continuity, consistency and dedication

In the on-going discussion on inequality, β€œnew” seems to be the magic word. Unfortunately we still have the old problem, being that 1,3 billion people have to live on less than a dollar a day.

If I were a minister

Cooperation of research institutes and universities will have to be established in order to create a power base, aiming to increase the accountability of individuals and private entities.

No need for more development models

New development models and even economic theories are redundant, argues Wieck Wildeboer: “As a donor community, we may practice some modesty”.

Wieck Wildeboer: Towards performance based financing in development assistance

These observations are partly written in reaction to the article by Niels Boesen in The Broker, February 2010.

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