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Yannicke Goris

Yannicke Goris

Yannicke is a managing knowledge broker with a specialization in the field of civic action and social movements. She previously worked for the INCLUDE knowledge platform on inclusive development and is currently responsible for a variety of Broker projects on civil society activism and global governance. Yannicke holds a Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Tilburg University and a Research Master’s degree in political history from Radboud University Nijmegen. Her professional interests include democratization processes, political participation, social movements, civil society and human rights.

An inclusive conversation with our knowledge brokers

Together with The Spindle, Partos, CIVICUS and members of the Partos Leave No One Behind Platform, Yannicke and Kim shared ideas, interviewed, wondered, reflected and maybe even dreamed about inclusion.

Placing public and private actors on equal playing fields

Shedding new light on the Dutch role in and impact on international development.

Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças – publication on civil society activism

Around the world, too many people are still excluded from some or more aspects of life. They are kept out of society because of who…

Unpacking the private sector. An interview with Unusual suspects researcher Sarah Cummings.

Research on the role of the private sector in knowledge brokering for international development? Elaborating on what this means.

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