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Centre of Expertise on Global Governance

In collaboration with the Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) is setting up a new Centre of Expertise (CoE) on Global Governance, which would be home to four lectorates concerned with this topic: The Changing role of Europe (CRoE); UN studies. Peace and Justice (UNPJ); Multilevel regulation (MLR); and Public Governance (PG). The Broker was commissioned to assist in the process of laying the foundation for the CoE.

The objectives of the CoE are three-fold:

  • to equip (future) professionals with the tools necessary to navigate (new) governance structures;
  • to improve public visibility of and engagement with the main governing bodies that affect our daily lives;
  • to contribute to the development of better governance mechanisms; mechanisms conducive to inclusion, equal representation, accountability and legitimacy.

To realise these objectives, it is important that the four lectorates find their thematic overlap, effectively work together and complement one another. Additionally, the centre’s goals demand that close collaboration is realised with other relevant institutes, experts and stakeholders.

The Broker was hired for its large and relevant network, its experience in bridging the gap between different words of knowledge, and its expertise in synthesising and co-creating knowledge. The Broker’s services for this project consisted of:

  • scoping study on internal and external needs and knowledge demands for a CoE
  • mapping potential external partners for a CoE on Global Governance
  • workshops for finding synergies between the lectorates
  • writing a synthesis report that formed the main foundation for the CoE’s annual plan
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