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Knowledge brokering in times of crisis: an online dossier on COVID-19

This dossier is developed for our network and others to navigate the COVID-19 information overload. Here, we bring together contributions both new and existing that are particularly useful for the development sector; sharing perspectives that offer a different angle and go beyond immediate responses to this crisis.

Inclusive Economy
Marijn Faling

Who profits from inclusive business models?

Inclusive business models are increasingly called upon as a solution to the multiplex challenges of poverty and inequality while at the same time providing companies opportunities for profitability. However, a review of the literature shows that the development impact of inclusive business models is often uncertain and that it is important both for inclusive business partners and donors to track this impact carefully to ensure the benefit of inclusive business for low-income communities.

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Knowledge brokering
Charlotte Ariese-van Putten

In conversation: Working with faith-based actors for development

Last year Prisma and four of its members – Dorcas, Tearfund, Woord en Daad and World Vision – initiated a new research project into the role and added value of faith-based actors in sustainable development. As an independent knowledge brokering organisation, The Broker was commissioned to carry out the research in a quest to bring to light the most important opportunities and barriers for collaborations between secular and faith-based actors. On the 10th of March we hosted an online workshop, marking the end of the first phase of this project. This article presents the most important take-aways and questions of the workshop, focusing particularly on the fruitful dialogues in the breakout sessions.

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Dutch Development Cooperation: 2022 and beyond
Development Policy
Jorrit Oppewal

Dutch Development Cooperation: 2022 and beyond

Following elections in March 2021, the Netherlands is still awaiting the formation of a new government. This article takes a closer look at recent trends in Dutch development cooperation policy and the choices that lie ahead to strengthen its relevance and effectiveness.

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Development Policy
Dirk-Jan Koch

A blind-spot mirror for evaluators

Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch has been working with a team on a multi-year research programme, which looks into the possible side effects of international development work. After 4 years of research, they have published a checklist that presents the 10 most common side effects of international development interventions.

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