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How effectively global knowledge and expertise on food security are being used.

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To save a billion people from hunger and another billion from a lack of nutritious food through innovative land-use and markets is possible only by sharing knowledge and open debate. The Broker is therefore starting a debate on food security and nutrition in cooperation with the Dutch Food and Business Knowledge Forum, a new knowledge platform initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find innovative ways to tackle food insecurity.

A range of inspiring experts will debate tough questions on how to feed the world’s population. For the debate to be successful it should shed light on how effectively global knowledge and expertise on food security are being used. Questions the debate will seeking to answer include: What are the most urgent issues in international food insecurity that may not be included in most current food security policies? Who are the key and new actors in the global food security debate and how can they be better included? What is the future of food production in an urbanized world? Does existing knowledge exchange increase innovative capacity in the South? And, are public-private partnerships successfully sharing knowledge and who is benefitting from it and who is not?

The experts’ contributions to the debate will generate valuable information for the Food and Business Knowledge Forum to use in shaping its initiatives and policy. The Forum’s focus is on determining whether the Dutch government’s analysis of food security is accurate, as it forms the basis of its policies on food security and nutrition. And to understand better the impact of its policies on developing countries.

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