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Creating more and better jobs in a globalizing world.

Archived dossier

This dossier features employment posts until November 2018. Please find all publications on employment via our magazine page.

Rising global unemployment numbers, declining job security and squeezed wages. Employment is undergoing some fundamental changes in different parts of the world over the last years. Policies regarding jobs and employment are therefore back on the political agenda. A significant part of the working world is poor and/or has an unstable and insecure job. Just generating economic growth, encouraging more competition, and investing in education does not create more and better jobs.

Furthermore, the current economic model intensifies the mismatch between the skills of the people and the skills needed in flourishing economic sectors, which cannot be solved solely with education and skill-building approaches.

So, what kind of work are we actually creating, and how much? What should employees or independent workers earn and get in return for their labour? What is the effect of globalization on employment? To answer these questions, more than an economic analysis is needed; power structures, political economy, international relations and social aspects all have to be taken into account as well.

With this Employment Dossier, The Broker analyzes the trends and various aspects of current changes of employment from a multidisciplinary and global perspective. Here, you will find an introduction to all articles of the dossier. We hope you enjoy reading and invite you to participate in the debate. (Note: this dossier is closed).

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