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UN-led worldwide consultations that determine the development agenda after 2015.

Archived dossier

What will global development look like after 2015, when the United Nations Millenium Development Goals expire? The Broker’s dossier on the post-2015 debate guides you through the discussions on future development and provides an overview of the core issues at stake and the many actors and processes.

In the coming period we will closely follow the post-2015 discussions and provide our readers with regular updates.

In this dossier we produce three types of content:

  • updates on the post-2015 process
  • analyses of the post-2015 negotiations and of countries and/or blocs of countries
  • in-depth analyses of specific post-2015 themes

[This dossier is currently closed – The Broker welcomes expert opinions on the topic, but is no longer actively following the process]

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