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Prioritising Water after 2015

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Water for All is one of the targets in the UN’s Post-2015 development agenda. The key areas to prioritize will soon be determined in a worldwide/UN consultation process. Feeding into this process, The Broker asked international experts to pool their knowledge, avoid reinventing the wheel and start mapping out a holistic approach that also takes account of the local context.

The consultation aims to provide valuable input for the Wings for Water event on 21 March, and World Water Day on 22 March, where it will be presented to the High Level Forum. It will also feed into the UN’s online consultation on Water. And so could you, by joining the debate!

Together with the consultation, we have launched a dossier on Water Priorities after 2015 has been launched. The dossier integrates the UN’s World We Want 2015 online consultation, multimedia content and background material. We also encourage everyone to start sub-debates in the comments, on and on Facebook.

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