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In the urban consumer’s shoes

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Author: Kim van Wijk
Kim van Wijk is communications & innovation broker for INCLUDE knowledge platform and The Broker

With the kick-off of Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP), our knowledge brokers are now actively supporting new coalitions that have transformative ambitions to contribute to global food security and improved nutrition outcomes.

Enter Ghana: one of Africa’s frontrunners in the field of food environments research and policy development, and central to the Urban Food Environments coalition. In this coalition, knowledge brokers Vanessa Nigten and Jacqueline Vrancken are initiators and coordinators that make sure that valuable connections are made. Center stage to this collaboration: Ghana’s urban consumer. In its unique approach, the coalition engages with stakeholders of all shapes and sizes, from doctors to urban planners, retailers and government legislators. Through interventions that resonate with the consumer, the multifaceted Ghanaian/Dutch coalition supports actions to improve the environments that influence food choices modern urban Ghanaians can make. Actions  proposed are, for example, realizing healthy varied and affordable supply to accessible city marketspaces where sellers have access to good day care and social media campaigns to increase awareness of ‘healthy food choices’.

One coalition, one common aim: enabling urban consumers to make healthy dietary choices.

The Urban Food Environments coalition is currently in its establishment phase, which is diligently taking shape thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of its diverse members. These members trust that combining their expertise and experience is the way to realize the transformation needed to enable urban consumers to make healthy dietary choices. What actions do they envision to be rolled out in the coming two years to achieve this? Here are some spoilers for you. 

Important to note: you can still get involved in this coalition! Interested to learn more, to get involved, or to get in touch with our knowledge brokers about this? Please contact managing knowledge broker Vanessa Nigten.

Author: Kim van Wijk

About the author

Kim van Wijk is communications & innovation broker for INCLUDE knowledge platform and The Broker

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