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‘What do knowledge brokers do? #5 – Making knowledge more than the sum of its parts

In 2022, Sasha joined our  team of knowledge brokers. She completed a bachelor’s at University College Utrecht focusing on Economics, Psychology, and International Development and…

Doing what matters: Placing Wellbeing Economics at the heart of the Dutch Africa Strategy

The upcoming Dutch Africa will generate debate on how to create beneficial partnerships within the prevailing Aid and Trade Agenda. The real question, however, is how the Dutch government will ensure its policies actually serve the interests of local communities. According to Knowledge Broker Joscha Betke ‘Measuring what matters’ and placing communities’ well-being at the heart of the Africa strategy will be crucial to ensure its success.

The ESF-NL: a bridge between science and diplomacy

At the beginning of this year, knowledge brokers Ruth van de Velde and Siri Lijfering conducted an evaluation of the Embassy Science Fellows Programme (ESF-NL),…

‘What do knowledge brokers do’ #4 creating a framework for equitable partnerships

Last year, Rikke joined The Broker as a knowledge broker. He is a great addition to the team because of his broad background in international…

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