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The Broker magazine features expert contributions at the forefront of international development debates. Our stories go beyond mainstream discussions, putting new or different developments into perspective.

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The Broker is Looking for an Executive Director

Vacancy – Executive Director (0,8 – 1 Fte) We believe knowledge brokering is indispensable for creating a just world. In everything we do, we orchestrate…

Acknowledging Global Southern knowledge: the need for Global Northern capacity building

Civil society organisations (CSOs) in the Global South know very well what is needed for social change and how they should work towards realising a…

The fragile frontiers of feminist foreign policy

Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP) is β€˜THE’ new approach in foreign policy for reaching gender equality. Several countries have already committed to it, and so has…

Knowledge Brokering for Advocacy

The Broker and SouthSouthNorth (SSN), have started a new project aimed to better understand the role of knowledge brokering in advocacy.

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