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Highlights Parallel Sessions – Measuring Sustainability Performance

How to measure eco-efficiency? Read: Static LCA/LCC at micro level: total performance analysis, computational structure, weighting of environmental effects, ISO 207 work. Static assessment at macro level: Eco-factor of…

Bucking the aid trend – Irish Aid debates

This second article in a series looking at development in European countries focuses on Ireland, which is becoming a major and much-lauded player in world…

Unpacking the private sector. An interview with Unusual suspects researcher Sarah Cummings.

Research on the role of the private sector in knowledge brokering for international development? Elaborating on what this means.

The violence in Mali is getting bloodier, but religion is not necessarily at its root

The massacre of Fulani in central Mali on 23 March marks a grave, new turn in the conflict. How did we get here?

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