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In conversation: Working with faith-based actors for development

Last year Prisma and four of its members – Dorcas, Tearfund, Woord en Daad and World Vision – initiated a new research project into the role and added value of faith-based actors in sustainable development. As an independent knowledge brokering organisation, The Broker was commissioned to carry out the research in a quest to bring to light the most important opportunities and barriers for collaborations between secular and faith-based actors. On the 10th of March we hosted an online workshop, marking the end of the first phase of this project. This article presents the most important take-aways and questions of the workshop, focusing particularly on the fruitful dialogues in the breakout sessions.

A common destination: On the road towards the true value of food

At the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UN FSS) in 2021 the True Value of Food Initiative was launched – a ‘game changer’ according to…

Africa’s Year of Nutrition: Time for paper tigers to start biting

This weekend, during their General Assembly, the African Union (AU) will declare 2022 the African Year of Nutrition. This attention is very much welcome as it presents an opportunity to link the African objectives of ending hunger and of promoting sustainable agricultural transformation on the continent. Progress towards those objectives has been slowing down. It is clear by now that the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened the impact of pre-existing drivers of food insecurity, such as climate change and violent conflict.

Decent youth employment: are internships the way forward?

This article examines the internship systems in the U.S. and the Netherlands, reflecting on what can the experiences of global North interns teach us about how to roll out successful internship programmes in the global South.

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