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How to address SRHR at a time that it is considered an unaffordable luxury?

In a time where food security, shelter and health are threatened by the coronavirus, protecting sexual and reproductive health and rights is often neglected. Stories and lessons from Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

Best of both worlds – diaspora civil society organisations and the Dutch development agenda

Georgina Kwakye shares lessons about how diaspora organisations can have an added value in the Dutch development agenda and how their support to Dutch NGO’s could lead to a win-win situation.

The corona crisis demands more, not less democracy

We are, in short, fair-weather democrats. The reason seems our distorted view of policy, science, and politics. This article therefore presents three arguments why this crisis demands more, not less democracy. 

Including diaspora in the game

Diversification, inclusion and working closely with the wide variety of diaspora groups – it is not a burden, it is a huge opportunity.

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