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The ESF-NL: a bridge between science and diplomacy

At the beginning of this year, knowledge brokers Ruth van de Velde and Siri Lijfering conducted an evaluation of the Embassy Science Fellows Programme (ESF-NL),…

‘What do knowledge brokers do’ #4 creating a framework for equitable partnerships

Last year, Rikke joined The Broker as a knowledge broker. He is a great addition to the team because of his broad background in international…

Towards transformative change: polycentric governance as a way to achieve the SDGs more inclusively

In February, Prof. Dr Art Dewulf and Dr Daniel Wiegant of Wageningen University (WUR) organised a three-day project meeting to kick off the four-year research project on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) governance and decision-making in East Africa

Check your assumptions at the door: examining three common beliefs about youth agripreneurship

Youth agripreneurship, especially in the African context, is seen as an innovative, cross-cutting approach to tackle a multiplex of challenges, including youth unemployment and indecent employment, food insecurity and climate change.

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