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Work beyond the pay cheque: boosting employees’ spirits for societal gain

Shifting of business ethics: from traditional goals in the workplace to a focus on purpose, self awareness and spirituality.

Time to ignite the power of translocal social movements

Countless social movements are currently simmering below the radar. They are locally rooted and globally connected in translocal networks, creating new practices and ideas for tackling economic, ecological and social challenges.

Changing of the guard? The rise of spatial data for reporting on the SDGs in the Global South

Being three years in, the Sustainable Development Goals are subjected to its first progress measurements. Discussing spatial data sources as an opportunity for progress measurement of the SDGs in the Gobal South.

Avocado consumption in Europe: from ‘green gold’ to SDG turmoil

For me and most Europeans, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially those relating to food and water, often seem like some distant issue concerning only people in developing countries. Consequently, we are tempted to ignore that our behaviour as consumers actually contributes to constraints on resources – behaviour that makes the SDGs necessary in the first place. Many examples can be used to support this notion, even something as basic as food.

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