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Bucking the aid trend – Irish Aid debates

This second article in a series looking at development in European countries focuses on Ireland, which is becoming a major and much-lauded player in world development. Yet there are doubts within the domestic aid community about the direction of policy and the management of rapid growth.

Entrepreneurship: is there a blind assumption that this is a new economic domain?

The terms ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ have gained significant popularity in recent years, particularly in development, and it can be said that the ‘entrepreneurship domain’ is to a large extent formed. Despite this, leading authors and intellects are yet to agree on what exactly these terms mean and the parameters that hold this domain together.

Measuring inequality: different methods, different outcomes

There are several ways to measure inequality. Generally, three main methods can be distinguished:1 Within- or intra-country inequality, which addresses income inequalities within a country; Between-,…

Unpacking the private sector. An interview with Unusual suspects researcher Sarah Cummings.

Research on the role of the private sector in knowledge brokering for international development? Elaborating on what this means.

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