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Consider the following three reflections when conducting data advocacy with conflict-affected communities

The tool ‘Data advocacy with conflict-affected communities’, develops a framework that organizations can use for evidence-led advocacy to connect local perspectives in conflict-affected settings to multiple levels of policy-making.

A major pivot to innovations for business growth in times of COVID-19

An old joke has it that nostalgia is not what it used to be. In the same perspective, the future of the world economy is not what it used to be either, as the striking rise in COVID-19 pandemic rolls on.

COVID-19: towards a new economic order inspired by three visions of the Global South?

Accepting multiple worldviews could lead to greater understanding, convergence of ideas and solidarity.

A new tool for data advocacy with conflict-affected communities

How can evidence-led advocacy be organized with conflict-affected communities, and what role can I/NGOs play in helping to bring these local(ized) advocacy priorities to policy…

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