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The Broker in 2021: seizing opportunities during a year of uncertainty

In this article we present a selection of our work in 2021, a challenging year that demanded a lot of flexibility and resilience from our knowledge brokers, but also reaffirmed how important our work is.

  • access_time 6 - 8 min

  • 19 January, 2022

  • label_outline News

  • person Ninja Lacey

Beyond the Dutch Polder Model: A new model for collaboration

Is the Dutch Polder Model still fit for purpose? In this article Somaye Dehban, researcher and nexus strategist, sheds her light on the Polder Model, revisiting its history and discussing why and how it can be replaced.

‘What knowledge brokers do’ #3: working together for healthy diets for all

The Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) supports transformative collective impact coalitions to achieve urgent changes for sustainable food systems in low- and middle-income countries. The coalitions…

Dutch Development Cooperation: 2022 and beyond

Following elections in March 2021, the Netherlands is still awaiting the formation of a new government. This article takes a closer look at recent trends in Dutch development cooperation policy and the choices that lie ahead to strengthen its relevance and effectiveness.

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