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When the dust settles: what will Droukdel’s death mean for the jihadist project in the Sahel?

The question is whether this strategy of decapitation works or not. We argue that at best it is a tactical achievement which could have unintended consequences.

From ‘unhappy marriage’ to ‘living-apart-together’?

Efforts to engage the diaspora undertaken within the migration & development policy framework fail to harness ‘the potential of the diaspora’. Highlighting three issues that are at stake in this referred to ‘unhappy marriage’.

Resilient food systems and COVID-19: lessons for a Just Transition

Intensification is not necessarily the solution – less intensive production systems produce less waste, as do localised food systems, making it easier to ensure food reaches those in need.

Cooperating with the diaspora – the government perspective

Realising effective inclusion of and collaboration with the African diaspora living in the Netherlands in the Dutch development efforts relies, to a large extent, on…

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