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Decolonisation of humanitarianism: a road of responsibility, justice and democratisation

In the third session in the series ‘The Decolonization of Aid’, keynote speakers Tamman Aloudat and Nanette Salvador-Antequisa join the conversation with Kiza Magendane to discuss what a truly decolonised humanitarian sector could look like.

No time to waste: Southern Africa’s demographic opportunity

The large young populations in South Africa offer a huge opportunity for sustainable growth of the region. Yet, without adequate measures this potential will go to waste. Dennis Shen, Guilia Branz, Zuzana Schwidrowski and Matthew Curtis from Scope Ratings GmbH share their findings and recommendations.

‘What knowledge brokers do’ #2: How basic services turned digital

The INCLUDE knowledge platform, in which The Broker is one of three consortium partners which make up the secretariat, is one of our longest-standing project…

Transformational solidarity: the journey towards decolonising development cooperation

In the debate about the decolonisation of the aid industry, it is often argued that true decolonisation will be realised if the international aid system…

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