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Taking a historical perspective on the decolonization of aid

Dr. Arua Oko Omaka, historian at Alex Ekwueme Federal University, holds up an iconic black-and-white picture of a poor and hungry child suffering the consequences…

‘What knowledge brokers do’ #1: Looking into Africa’s COVID-19 response

Twelve country case studies were initiated to look into the ‘Equity in COVID-19’s mitigation and policy responses in Africa’ as part of the INCLUDE knowledge…

Politici, uw visie op ‘Global Netherlands’ is nodig

A call to Dutch politicians in the run-up to the Dutch 2021 elections: share your vision on ‘Global Netherlands’. A commentary that appeared in the Dutch newspaper AD (in Dutch).

A colourful conclusion

Here it is! The Diaspora Inclusion magazine, a colourful conclusion to the Diaspora Inclusion dossier.

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