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The Broker magazine features expert contributions at the forefront of international development debates. Our stories go beyond mainstream discussions, putting new or different developments into perspective.

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The Future Briefs Series: a new initiative by Partos and The Broker

What are the most pressing development issues and how can development organisations create dynamic and adaptive pathways that withstand future uncertainties? These questions lie at…

Delving into religion – A new project for The Broker

What is the added value of collaborating with religious actors for sustainable development? This question is at the heart of a brand-new project, commissioned by PRISMA, which The Broker will be carrying out over the next 10 months. 

Taking the right path: An ethical perspective on the decolonisation of aid

Over the past years, the ideal of a true decolonisation of aid has been given increasing attention throughout and beyond the humanitarian and development sectors….

Programming Flexibility

The Broker, ZOA, and Netherlands Food Partnership, have started a new project aimed at better understanding and making explicit  the role and use of flexibility in the programming and funding structures of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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