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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the large NGOs have to deal with enormous quantities of information. But the important thing is how they deal with it: knowledge means giving information meaning. At the moment, far too little attention is devoted to translating information systematically into a broad and coherent strategic vision.

China in the balance?

China has an increasingly influential voice in global issues such as world trade, conflict management, energy supply security and sustainable development. In June 2006, the Netherlands government presented a policy memorandum, Shaping a Relationship for Bilateral Cooperation with China, 2006–2010, to the House of Representatives. The government also asked the Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) to examine the significance of China’s growing prominence on the world stage and its implications for Dutch foreign policy. The AIV report, China in the Balance: Towards a Mature Relationship, was published in May 2007.

Shaking up citizenship

On 20 and 21 April 2007, the Social Sciences and Law faculties of the Free University of Amsterdam hosted an international conference ‘Shaking up citizenship’. This promised to be an interdisciplinary exploration of how globalization affects citizenship, democracy and the role of the state in protecting citizens’ rights. Saskia Sassen, a leading theorist on globalization – gave the keynote lecture (the 18th Globaliseringslezing). She conveyed her vision – summarizing her latest work, Territory, Authority, Rights – from the pulpit of the Singelkerk, a church in Amsterdam.

Brokering knowledge

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