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The Broker magazine features expert contributions at the forefront of international development debates. Our stories go beyond mainstream discussions, putting new or different developments into perspective.

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Welcome to the website of The Broker, a bimonthly magazine and email newsletter, published by the Foundation for International Development Publications (IDP). The magazine is for all those concerned with development and globalization, especially in the fields of economics, human security, governance, and science and technology.

Bottom-up arms control – Coalitions of the willing

Coalitions of the willing have been accused of undermining multilateralism. But if they work from the bottom up, they can actually strengthen global governance. Witness the efforts to ban landmines and, most recently, cluster munitions.

Getting to know the enemy

There are increasing calls for greater cooperation between scientists from different disciplines. Under certain circumstances such interdisciplinary research can add value. A new publication, Building bridges, offers some advice for sceptics and enthusiasts.

How will the Beijing Consensus benefit Africa? – China and Africa

Throughout Africa, China is challenging the West, not only in terms of economic investments, but also through its development aid.

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