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Investing for better nutrition: what does it mean?

The numbers speak loud and clear. Nearly half of the world’s population is malnourished; 2 billion people are estimated to be undernourished while 1.5 billion are considered to be ‘over-nourished’ or overweight. According to the FAO, “Micronutrient deficiencies (‘hidden hunger’) still affect over 30 percent of the world’s population…

Skills, training and youth entrepreneurship in Africa

Young people represent more than 60% of Africa’s population. Entrepreneurship, if supported through the right policies, can provide an effective solution to persistent youth unemployment.

Not without the public sector

In Africa’s developing economy, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) should be the cornerstone for inclusive industrial development. But what makes a strong formative stage for SMEs?

Sahel Watch: a living analysis of the conflict in Mali

Since 2012, Mali has been suffering from what at first seemed to be a sudden outbreak of armed conflict which eventually led to a military response by France. At that moment, the conflict was framed predominantly as a battle against the rise of extremist Islamism. More international community actors now recognize that other perspectives need be taken into account to fully understand the dynamics of this conflict. Yet do we have a good overview of relevant perspectives? The Broker aims to identify, integrate and analyse the different perspectives to advance insights into the constantly changing dynamics in Mali and the Sahel. We are able to do this with an updated analysis from experts in combination with on-the-ground knowledge. We like to call this a ‘living analysis’.

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