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Doing business in Africa: do the poor profit? – The role of Dutch business in development

When the Dutch private sector is involved in development in Africa, a dilemma may arise. The Dutch government claims that businesses could have a positive impact on local economic development on the continent in the longer term. But do their activities also benefit the poorest and marginalized groups? This dilemma was addressed at the ‘Africa Works!’ conference in Leiden, the Netherlands, on 16 and 17 October.

Support for SMEs: lucrative or futile?

Assistance to small and medium enterprises only makes sense if it addresses the key constraints for SMEs and allows them to grow into larger and more productive enterprises.

Why private equity boosts developing economies

Despite deep-rooted criticism of the private equity industry, the private equity model is increasingly being used as an instrument for sustainable growth of the private sector in developing countries. SMEs are no exception.

Rebels and extremist stories from northern Mali

As long as the northern part of Mali is not occupied by armed troops, it will remain insecure and dangerous.

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