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Reinforcing battle lines or facilitating cooperation?

In May 2014, Hilal Elver was appointed the third UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food. Yet will the Turkish expert on climate change, human security and democracy have sufficient clout to contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable food system? Her first performance in Amsterdam left many questions unanswered…

The rise of finance undermines employment growth

The stagnation in labour demand in the US is linked to the rise of finance. Strategies to encourage long-term employment growth must be found in that direction too.

Can “Massive Open Online Courses” help improve employability?

Especially for developing countries, they are portrayed as a great opportunity for free education, boosting the employability of a young generation. But can MOOCs really be a great equalizer?

The Hong Kong protests as peaceful, gentle and determined

The recent protest in the city of Hong Kong from the viewpoint of Valentina Mazzucato.

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