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Informal workers’ associations could boost SME growth

In their stead, informal worker’s associations have assumed an important role, representing their increasing members in front of governments and the private sector. But how can unionization contribute to SME growth and employment?

It’s not just the economy, stupid

A “good business environment” has been cited over and over as a decisive factor for SME development. Yet upgrading a micro enterprise to a small or medium-sized business requires a lot more than that, argue Caroline Reeg and Markus Loewe.

How can entrepreneurship really make an impact?

In conflict-affected societies, entrepreneurship promotion plays a crucial role in harvesting young people’s innovative potential and in stirring economic growth on a national level.But what do those entrepreneurs really need?

The pervasive and unfair costs of trade on workers

International trade can contribute to the creation of more and better jobs but not always, not for everyone, and not everywhere. Thirty years after the beginning of a global push for liberalization we are finally starting to understand the real costs of trade liberalization, and who bears them – workers.

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