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The reality of the ‘Mexican moment’ – A closer look at Mexico and the post-2015 development process

There’s a new kid in town. Mexico is more than ever opening itself up to the world and ready to play an important role in the post-2015 development agenda. Desiring to once again be the bridge between the West and Latin America, Mexico has been very active in the preparatory activities so far, providing input on numerous issues around the Sustainable Development Goals.

Unleashing those constrained gazelles

Worldwide 600 million jobs are needed over the next 15 years to keep employment rates at their current level. SMEs can and need to play an important role in securing and creating these new jobs, if development programmes revert their focus to job creation with the help of effective trainings and restructured access to finance.

Raising management standards in Africa

The inability of African firms to implement management practices that conform to basic international standards is a barrier to enter global markets, depressing their productivity and employment creation potential. An agenda to raise management practices to world standards is desirable, but challenging.

New technologies for SME job creation

Consider the Accra, Ghana based company DreamOval. Five years back, in the classic genesis of many African SMEs, founder Derrydean Dadzie won a single contract: deliver an NGO-funded health support program.

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