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Preventing crime and violence is better than fighting it

In response to the Northern Triangle trilogy: Regional donor programmes focus on prevention to reduce crime and violence on the streets of the ‘Northern Triangle’ countries.

Peacebuilding complexity: blind spots, off-the-shelf solutions and false hope

In response to Seth Kaplan: shifting from externally designed to local solutions, and from seeing poverty as isolated to the periphery to it being interconnected with the global economy and its inequalities.

Volatile international capital flows in emerging economies

Volatile capital flows have maintained, if not exacerbated, the vulnerability of developing and emerging countries and affected domestic productivity and employment.

Excessive debt endangers real economy firms and workers

By their excessive use of debt, private equity companies in the US increase the risk of bankruptcy of real economy companies they acquire. One of the lessons of the financial crisis of 2008 is that the excessive use of debt undermines the stability of the financial system and poses a threat to companies and their workers.

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