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Programming Flexibility

The Broker, ZOA, and Netherlands Food Partnership, have started a new project aimed at better understanding and making explicit  the role and use of flexibility in the programming and funding structures of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Embrace the Earth: Soil health as a foundation to sustainable food systems

Rabobank, the Entrepreneurial Development Bank (FMO) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) organised an online event on soil health as a foundation to sustainable food systems. This article presents the key messages from the session.

A blind-spot mirror for evaluators

Prof. Dirk-Jan Koch has been working with a team on a multi-year research programme, which looks into the possible side effects of international development work. After 4 years of research, they have published a checklist that presents the 10 most common side effects of international development interventions.

The fault is not in our stars: Gender-bias in the European Troika’s policy design and implementation

What can a gender analysis teach us about the nature of Troika’s economic adjustment programs (EAPs) in Greece? Most importantly, the Troika has been found…

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