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From a 3D approach to a 3FT approach

Over the last two decades the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been at the centre of nearly every kind of initiative aimed at strengthening human security among its population.

The global land grab as modern day corporate colonialism

The idea that there is a “land grab” taking place in developing nations began with the publication of a report, Seized! by the NGO Grain. This rang an alarm bell about large-scale land acquisitions – particularly by a number of Asian countries and Gulf States, which are acquiring millions of hectares of fertile agricultural land, predominantly in Africa.

Pre-distribution and monetary policy: stabilizing employment and growth

In an increasingly globalized world which places downward pressure on nominal wages, monetary policy should permit the rewards of productivity growth to be passed on to workers in the form of falling prices.

Putting productivity first

Evidence shows that technological change and productivity growth do not only destroy jobs in Europe and the US, but also create them.

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