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Phases of conflict and aims of conflict prevention

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Knowledge brokers in international sustainable development.
Phase of conflict Description Aim of prevention
Latent conflict External or internal changes generate unacknowledged strains among societal groups, but they have yet to mobilize to express their interests. Make reform processes and international interventions more conflict-sensitive.
Manifest limited conflict The stakes increase as awareness of conflicting interests energizes affected groups, issues are out in the open and diverging positions are voiced. Accepted forms of protest may be underway as well as sporadic acts of violence. Prevent confrontations that could escalate, avoid the hardening of positions and polarization, calm rising fears and limit mutual defensive measures that create security dilemmas.
Escalating violent conflict Positions are hardening, relationships are breaking off, parties are disengaging. Irregular expressions of grievances grow into wider violence, foretelling possible organized conflict. Major hostilities look imminent. Avoid irrevocable spiral through exerting robust incentives and disincentives.
Author: The Broker

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Knowledge brokers in international sustainable development.

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