19-21 March, the Hague: UNESCO Groundwater Governance

News06 Mar 2013

Even in the moderately wet Netherlands, about 60% of the drinking water originates from groundwater. In other regions, including the rural part of the USA, this amounts to more than 90%. Yet, groundwater remains largely invisible to most people, including policy-makers. Governance of groundwater includes the coordination of administrative actions and decisions along several jurisdictional levels, through the application of responsibility, participation, information availability, transparency, custom, and rule of law. A lot of words for the integration of groundwater into a legal system that fosters proper water management.On invitation by UNESCO, experts from the North, including EECCA countries, will gather in The Hague from 19 to 21 March 2013 to discuss groundwater governance. This fifth regional consultation will serve as input for World Water Day, which will be held in the Hague on 22 March, and in the framework of the UN International Year of Water Cooperation.

Alice Aureli, UNESCO and Shammy Puri, IAH wrapped up the main messages of the first 2 Regional Consultations in this video: