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Let us help you enhance your impact on society. We provide support to governments, NGOs and researchers to improve their policies for inclusive sustainable development.


Our services range from short-term projects that are done within a week, to multi-annual support programmes. The services we offer include the following elements, each of which can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Mapping knowledge, policy processes and perspectives

Are you seeking to engage with a new partner, address a new issue or need an overview of the current knowledge, debate and stakeholders on a particular subject?

The Broker can help you. We specialize in quickly classifying and analysing large bodies of knowledge, and presenting these in an accessible manner. Our mappings, quick-scans and literature syntheses contribute to successful programme development, fundraising and policy formulation. After consultation with your team, we will make sure to cover any ‘blind spots’ that may exist in your organization.

Policy analyses and recommendations

Are you looking for a partner that can provide you with in-depth policy analyses, policy recommendations, or an overview of lessons and good practices on a specific topic?

Our experienced knowledge brokers can deliver fast results tailored to your needs. The Broker’s extensive network of experts enables us to access the latest professional insights quickly.




Consultations and expert meetings

Do you want to know what experts and other stakeholders have to say about your questions, dilemmas or propositions?

The Broker specializes in consultations and expert meetings, both online and face-to-face. We actively engage all manner of experts, professionals and policymakers whose reflections will help you sharpen your thinking and whose engagement . We map stakeholders, bring experts together, moderate meetings and online debates, and deliver synthesis reports shortly afterwards.

Knowledge management and training

Are you looking to train your team in knowledge brokering and knowledge management?

We host lectures and trainings on ‘brokering’ that use engaging methods and deliver results than can be put into practice immediately. Allow us to help you get familiar with this rising field of work that enables you to think differently about how to engage stakeholders in the international development sector and how to put knowledge to use.

Research uptake

Do you want your research to be used for more effective, inclusive and sustainable policy and practice?

The Broker was founded to bridge the gap between research and policy. Our knowledge brokers are experienced in supporting research programmes and individual researchers to enhance their research uptake. A successful research uptake strategy requires knowing who you want to reach, and when and how to do so. We can help you with stakeholder engagement, research co-creation and design, and the effective communication of your research outcomes.

Knowledge platform development

Are you looking for ways to connect knowledge and conduct policy discussions (digitally)?

We are experienced (co-)designers of various (online) knowledge platforms. These platforms are designed to facilitate knowledge brokering activities, including through discussions and consultations and by publishing expert opinions and presenting research overviews in knowledge portals.

Writing, editing and targeted reporting

Do you need a writer who is able to write about global issues in a clear and accessible way?

The Broker believes that making knowledge available to everyone requires the format and style to be adjusted to fit specific audiences. Our knowledge brokers are skilled at creatively adapting content presentation and reporting to the demands and characteristics of your target group. This will ensure that your message has maximum impact. Keywords that describe our writing and presentation are: fit-to-purpose, clear and accessible.

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