The main objective of this project is to support KROS in its advocacy efforts to build a case for the investment in children in development cooperation.

Kinderrechten in ontwikkelingssamenwerking (KROS) is a Dutch coalition of NGOs dedicated to advocating for children in development cooperation. Although children are one of the largest and most vulnerable groups in many developing countries, the policy and budget for development cooperation of the Netherlands does not reflect this reality. Our knowledge brokers will aid KROS in strengthening the evidence base for advocacy on children’s rights, so politicians and policy makers can be made aware of the benefits and importance of raising children who are ready for the future.

The main question of the project is: How do we make knowledge on children’s rights not only available, but also accessible, politically relevant and operational?

To answer this main question, the project will explore the following questions:

  • Understanding the Dutch political context: What are the motivations, challenges and entry points for children’s rights advocacy
  • Learning from other approaches and best practices; what has worked?
  • Reframing the message: What type of evidence are we using for the message?
  • Approach: How do we approach children in our advocacy?
    • Target group or as a theme?
    • Intersectionality and heterogeneity

This research will contribute to continued efforts to get children’s rights on the political agenda by strengthening the evidence base on the need, approaches and positive (development) investment in children in the long term.

Building on the insights from the project, KROS will organise a meeting with policymakers where The Broker will present research findings and facilitate policy discussion.

KROS kick-off meeting

Knowledge Brokers Ruth and Sasha facilitate the kick-off meeting of this project. Want to know more about our work on this project?

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