New policy brief on research with the private sector

'(Un)usual suspects' — SURe programme,Development Policy16 Sep 2020Yannicke Goris

After having published three policy briefs on her previous project ‘An unusual suspect: the private sector in knowledge brokering in international development’, The Broker is happy to present a fourth policy brief written by Sarah Cummings and her colleagues. 

This policy brief is one of the outcomes of a collaboration between the NL-CGIAR Research Programme’s Project ‘Improving the effectiveness of public-private partnerships’ and development organisation Solidaridad. 

This short document highlights key insights about working with the private sector in research, accumulated in the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) and Applied Research Fund (ARF) of NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development.

To make sure that the scientific community can reap the benefits of research-collaborations with the private sector, this policy brief describes the most important challenges and advantages and provides some helpful recommendations for researchers and policy makers.
The policy brief ‘Research with the private sector: reflections and policy recommendations’ can be downloaded here.