A Decade of Knowledge Brokering for Food Security

Food & Business Knowledge Platform,Food Security12 Jun 2024Rikke van der Veen

Looking back at how the Food and Business Knowledge Platform contributed to a more aligned Dutch food and agriculture field

Over the past ten years, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP), together with its consortium members – AgriProFocus, The Broker, and the Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation, part of Wageningen University and Research – has been a driving force in enhancing collaboration across the  food and  nutrition security field in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Years after its establishment, and with its successor, the Netherlands Food Partnership, nearly three years into operation, it is about time to reflect on the journey of the F&BKP. Accordingly, the Netherlands Food Partnership has tasked The Broker with reviewing evaluations and numerous reports, analysing website posts, and knocking on the doors of  individuals who were actively involved during the years of the F&BKP, in order to capture the story of the platform. This collaborative effort has resulted in this publication aimed at celebrating its accomplishments and achievements for one final time.

At the heart of this celebration lies the pioneering knowledge brokering approach of the F&BKP, which has been instrumental in fostering collaboration and enhancing partnerships within the constantly evolving domain of food and nutrition security. Through a close look at the knowledge brokering methodologies and activities employed by the F&BKP, our objective was to uncover invaluable insights and best practices useful for the ongoing advancement of the food and nutrition security field.

We invite you to join us in celebrating the highlights of the F&BKP by exploring this interactive publication. Dive into a decade of the platform’s work as you navigate through its pages. Click on the links and images provided to immerse yourself in the historical context that led to its inception, understand its initial aims and structure, and discover influential programmes and funds like the knowledge management facility and the Food & Business Research programme. 

Let it take you along, the fresh ways that the F&BKP has used to connect research and practice for knowledge and innovation uptake among policymakers and practitioners, which have had a lasting impact on shaping the Dutch contribution to strengthening global food security. The platform’s legacy and experience were invaluable in shaping the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP), which continues to drive collaborative efforts for food system transformation.