Development Policy26 Sep 2009Janelle Ward

I recently discovered the blog AfriGadget. With the tagline “Solving everyday problems with African ingenuity,” the content focuses on African-created innovations for every day life, often with a focus on innovative technology. As the About section puts it, “AfriGadget is a website dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity. A team of bloggers and readers contribute their pictures, videos and stories from around the continent. The stories of innovation are inspiring. It is a testament to Africans bending the little they have to their will, using creativity to overcome life’s challenges.”

AfriGadget is run by a team of editors that also have personal blogs. Interested readers can sign up for the RSS feed and even purchase AfriGadget merchandise online. They also promote The Grassroots Reporting Project, a “plan to find, equip and train more AfriGadget reporters in the field throughout Africa.” It is also possible to join the project as a sponsor or donor.

AfriGadget has been recognized for its work. In 2008 they received a spot in Time magazine’s “50 Best Websites.”

So what can an initiative like this contribute to work in the development world? I’d like to hear your thoughts and ideas.