Alternative protein sources to replace fishmeal

Food Security,Knowledge brokering28 Feb 2011Johnny Ogunji

The NASAC-KNAW Scientific Conference on”The Impact of and Adaptation to Climate Change in Relation to Food Security in Africa” holding in Nairobi, Kenya, started well yesterday (23/02/11). The key notes and other speakers did their best to stimulate the thoughts of participants towards the reality of Climate Change and its effect in Africa. It was made known that good governance can help in adapting to Climate change. It was however cautioned that Climate change agenda should not be taken up in isolation rather must be combined with Biodiversity, MDG, Poverty reduction and Economic growth agenda. The need to include insects/pest responses in the numerous climate change models has been called for since leaving them out does not give a complete picture.

The intensification of research into and use of alternative protein sources to replace fishmeal in order to counter the effect of climate change on fishmeal production and cost was also made. Housefly maggot meal (Magmeal) as a replacement for fishmeal is seen as a very suitable substitute since it is of animal origin and has close amino acid profile as fishmeal. The domestication of wild fish species should become another climate change adaptation option to be pursued in Africa and by African researchers. Governments, institutions, organisations and individuals were called to plan and prepare for funding for research in this area. The first day ended with a wonderful dinner put together for the participants at the Carnivore restaurant where the climate changed. What a fantastic way to end a long day of climate change discussions and brainstorming!