Annual report 2016 published: alive and brokering

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In 2016, The Broker continued to focus on our knowledge platforms: INCLUDE and the Food & Business knowledge platform, which we co-organize with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. A combined learning review of the five Dutch knowledge platforms for global development highlighted their added value – referring to their ‘Gold standard’. Our Sahel Watch living analysis continued, with updates and online and offline spin-offs. We also covered the love affair between Europe and the financial sector, in close alliance with SOMO.

The tagline under our logo – ‘Connecting worlds of knowledge’ – still captures The Broker’s vision. Improving global development policies through better and more inclusive knowledge is our mission. On our website we now publish more than 50 articles and receive more than 94,000 visitors per year.

Read more in the full annual report for 2016 (in Dutch) here.