By way of introduction

Development Policy15 Sep 2009Janelle Ward

Through online communication, there are new opportunities to provide information and interact with individuals on a wider scale than ever before. How can technology be used to enhance various types of communication? How can it be used to improve the spread of information within and between organizations, and how can it help to mobilize citizens? I am happy with the opportunity to share my thoughts on these issues with the online audience of The Broker.

I recently authored a special report in The Broker called Social Academia. As a newly minted academic, I am also interested in how the academic world is adapting to Web 2.0. Are departments encouraging the use of new technologies in the research process? What about publication opportunities – will academics continue to be evaluated on their ability to publish in academic journals, or will academia open itself more to alternative forms of sharing research?

In this blog, I hope to explore such questions, and also remain cautious of pinning too many hopes on technological solutions for social problems. I want to use the blog to inspire readers, and I welcome your feedback, questions and criticism.