Convergence of Humanity! – Interview with Prof Chris Gordon

Development Policy24 Jun 2009Jim Woodhill

Interview with Professor Chris Cordon – University of Ghana

Chris, you chaired the opening session, what is it about COS-SIS that inspires you?

Appreciating the need for innovation – we have to recognise that business as usual will not solve the problems. There is a terrible disconnect between the users of knowledge – farmers and policy makers and the scientists. We just don’t have a proper integration of knowledge flow. COS-SIS is helping to bridge this gap and create the opportunity for dialogue and trialogue – farmers, researchers and policy makers working together.

What would be your key criteria for success of the Programme?

Change in attitudes – in how science is perceived by policy makers and farmers and in how the scientist perceives farmers and policy makers – a convergence of humanity. Of course this is hard to measure!