Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças – publication on civil society activism

Civic Action,The Spindle Series on Civil Society14 Oct 2019Kim van Wijk, Yannicke Goris

Around the world, too many people are still excluded from some or more aspects of life. They are kept out of society because of who they are or who they love; because of what they do, have or don’t have; or because of where or how they live their lives. Civil society organisations  around the world, however, are making great efforts to ensure that people are not being left behind; that everyone is included and can take part in all aspects of life without having to overcome major barriers. To celebrate these CSOs and draw inspiration from their actions, The Broker joined forces with Partos and its innovation platform The Spindle once more, resulting in our third collaborative publication on civic activism. Last Friday, the moment was finally there: at the Partos Innovation Festival, we proudly launched Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças. Civil society action for inclusion.

Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças is the third publication in The Spindle Series, a joined initiative of The Broker, Partos and The Spindle, supported by CIVICUS. After two successful editions in 2017 and 2018, this year we took a step back and asked ourselves: What is it, really, that we want to achieve with The Spindle Series? We want to share with civil society across the world what amazing work is already out there. We hope to inspire our readers to stand up, get creative, and collaborate for a future we want. But what is the value of creative activism if groups are still left behind? What good will it do to work together if millions of people around the world remain excluded from their societies? Civic activism, we reasoned, is only truly meaningful if it contributes to a future we want for everyone; if it works to make sure everyone can join in. Therefore, we decided that the 2019 publication should focus on inclusion.

The Spindle Series kicked off in 2017 with the first publication Activism, artivism and beyond, which drew attention to creative actions that seek to defend and expand our shrinking civic space. Last year, motivated by the recognition that we must work together to find solutions to our common challenges, in our second publication Joining forces, sharing power, we focused on innovative forms of collaborations in civil society. Now, in Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças we look at ways in which people are excluded, what barriers they face, and why they are being left behind. But more importantly, we put the spotlight on how civil society across the world is working hard to get everyone to join in, no matter their age, gender, ethnicity, ability level, social status or sexual preference. True to our broker-method, we drew on sources from various worlds of knowledge, using academic papers, policy briefs, news items and research reports, as well as insights from representatives of the private sector, NGOs and the activists and excluded groups featured in our publication. The result is another colourful book full of examples and perspectives from all over the world, celebrating people who are standing up for their right to participate and for the freedom to be who they want to be.

Digital Dalits, Colourful Carroças is now available for download. Fancy a hardcopy or want more information? Send an email to Yannicke Goris.

Many thanks to Soonwha Kang for the design of the book.