Global action networks – types of change

Knowledge brokering03 Dec 2010Steve Waddell

Great to hear resonance of so many questions asked by Change Alliance members, with people here in Nairobi. What is change? What are the development stages for multi-stakholder processes (MSPs)? How do we maintain momentum for the time necessary? What about MSP platforms, processes, participation?

During the meetings I shared a table on the three types of change — incremental, reform, transformation — that provoked good conversation (view PDF below). Nice to have a something like that table that is really a product of discussions with Change Alliance members Bettye Pruitt, Philip Thomas and Jouwert van Geene. It makes the value of the Alliance tangible. We’ll also add seven of the cases presented here to the Change Alliance site, to continue our development of resources.

Also it will be good to get more on the site of the tools and methodologies — I particularly liked the issue map presented on the water and sanitation project, showing the connection between stakeholders and the way the issue of water and sanitation manifested itself for the stakeholders and connected them. That was a great demonstration of how to make system connections and interdependencies visible.