Indicators for the nexus between food systems and stability

Food & Business Knowledge Platform,Food security and stability14 May 2018Jacqueline Vrancken, Rojan Bolling

To inform ongoing discussions on result indicators at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a discussion paper was published by The Broker, titled “Indicators for the nexus between food systems and stability”. The Broker, supported by the Food & Business Knowledge Platform, undertook a short mapping of indicators used by various donor organizations and INGOs in areas linked to the nexus between food systems and stability.

The paper was used to stimulate discussion among policymakers at the Food Security Exchange week. The annual exchange brings together Food and Nutrition Security policy staff and Agricultural Councillors from Dutch Embassies, UN Permanent Representations and the Ministries of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and of Foreign Affairs to facilitate knowledge exchange, learning and co-creation.

This mapping exercise aimed to quickly provide an overview of current indicator use by relevant international actors to monitor results in food systems and peacebuilding interventions. The mapping specifically aims to identify food systems indicators that are relevant in fragile settings (e.g. capturing progress towards resilience or around use of negative coping strategies). The results of this initial mapping are intended to feed more in-depth discussion.


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