It is about commitment

Knowledge brokering06 Dec 2009Pedro Fidelman

The terminology of the ESG conference include words like resilience, reflexive adaptation, social entrepreneurs, deliberation, climate change, multi-scale governance, climate policy integration, adaptive governance, innovation, social networks, planetary boundaries, adaptiveness, complexity, institutions, vulnerability, social learning, sustainability, transformation, social-ecological systems, agency…the list goes on and on. However, the word that best describes the level of engagement of the delegates at the conference is ‘commitment’. The commitment of the ESG community to the global environmental cause has been reflected in the lively exchanges and discussions, which have been taken place during the panel sessions and also during breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It has been quite intense, though very insightful. When the ESG conference concludes this Friday, 8 semi-plenary sessions and some 60 panel sessions, with about 250 paper presentations, will have taken place. Most of us will take home not only additional knowledge and insights, but also a renewed sense of commitment to keep up the good work towards sustainable Earth System Governance.