Joining forces, sharing power

Civic Action,The Spindle Series on Civil Society17 Oct 2018Yannicke Goris

Today’s challenges are characterized by their complex, multifaceted nature and need concerted, multidimensional action to meet them. Motivated by the recognition that we must work together to find solutions to our common challenges, The Broker joined forces with Partos and its innovation platform, The Spindle, to celebrate inspiring and innovative collaborations in civil society. The outcome of this collaboration, a new publication titled Joining forces, sharing power: civil society collaborations for the future, was presented on 11 October at Partos’ annual Innovation Festival.

Joining forces, sharing power is a follow-up to the 2017 publication Activism, artivism and beyond: inspiring initiatives of civic power. This new report showcases the many ways in which civil society has managed to bridge gaps, overcome differences and work together in creative and transformative ways, with likely, as well as unlikely, partners. Together with Partos and The Spindle, and with the support of CIVICUS, we have selected examples of collaborations that are particularly inspiring or innovative.

Over the course of six chapters, readers are made familiar with the most creative and transformative ways of cooperation taking place today. In Joining forces, sharing power you can learn how females entrepreneur in Delhi, an Indian institute of technology and Estonia are working together towards more inclusive economic development; discover why a world-renowned clothing brand is publishing books on grassroots activism; and be inspired by the energy of people and organizations looking to establish meaningful connections and share their time and resources for a common goal.

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