Knowledge Brokering for Advocacy

Knowledge brokering,News21 Nov 2023Ruth van de Velde

The Broker and SouthSouthNorth (SSN), have started a new project aimed to better understand the role of knowledge brokering in advocacy. In this project, we explore how to co-create, use and share diverse forms of knowledge to make advocacy more effective and equitable for greater epistemic justice and climate justice. By focusing on different stakeholders and their experiences in Kenya, Brazil and Indonesia, the project aims to uncover best practices, challenges and opportunities for the effective use of knowledge for advocacy from a Global South perspective.

Involving partners from the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) in building knowledge partnerships that advance locally-driven climate justice, this project provides a chance to rethink how knowledge sharing can make a difference in advocacy. Throughout the project, we will explore practices, challenges, and opportunities in knowledge brokering for climate action, including the role of indigenous and local knowledge in advocacy.

The VCA programme is part of the multi-year strategic partnership “Power of Voices” of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and focuses on advancing locally-led climate solutions through equitable partnerships. In the VCA programme, both regional and global teams are at the forefront of advocacy, employing an array of knowledge resources bringing together global and local voices by connecting a diverse range of civil society organizations representing women, youth, indigenous people, urban poor, digital activists and more.

Stay Informed: Stay tuned for insights into knowledge brokering for advocacy from a Global South perspective including effective ways to support knowledge-based climate advocacy.